Coating Prints.

Borut Peterlin’s Photography Down the Rabbit Hole blog shared a video of his wet plate and salt printing process 2 weeks ago. Whilst the entire video was interesting; an insight into the world of wet plate processes and historical printing techniques is always a treat, I was most intrigued by the way he protects his prints after toning.

He uses bees wax mixed with lavender oil, a bit of research said a ratio of 2:1 is best, and he applies it evenly on the rag paper to create a luster shine which I found quite appealing. I might try it on some old contact prints on matte paper the next time I’m in the darkroom and if it’s a success I will use this technique with the next batch of contact prints I produce.

To make it a little more worth my while, if it works, I’ll try and come up with a new project that can accompany the bees wax cocktail.

I’ll have to start coming up with some more serious projects from now on, if I get on the PGCE course it’ll be a welcome distraction to help take my mind off the workload a Teaching Degree contains.