The Work That I Forgot.

After the Final Year Show I seem to have forgotten quite a bit of what I’ve done recently. Exhibit A is forgetting about the frames I put on Blackburn Museums walls in April, they sent me an email a couple of weeks ago saying that the work has been taken down to accommodate the next artist to exhibit but with everything happening surrounding the show at UCBC I forgot about the email.

I would have taken the frames down myself but with two or three people organising artists to exhibit in one space they must have delegated to each other the task of emailing me instructions of when to take down my work and the email must have fallen through the cracks or stayed in someone’s draft folder.

At least they aren’t damaged because I’m sending two to Scotland as thank you gestures instead of the panorama, which I’ve had nothing but trouble with since I’ve developed the sheet.20130704-173428.jpg

It’d be a little more convenient to take all of my frames home in one go but not everything goes your way. I have 22 framed pieces of work in and around Blackburn and taking them all home in one go would be easier with a car but since my chauffeur is in France I don’t really have the means of getting them home without struggling to carry a few at a time on the train.

Other pieces of work I have forgotten about are the foam board mounts I put up in Daisyfield Mill, I haven’t been in a month or two now so I don’t know if they’re still on the wall or not. I’ll have to pop by in the next week to check them to see if they need taking down, if they’re in good nick I might swap one or two round before I ship them off to Scotland.

I’m inclined to exhibit some of the rest of the work in other venues: art cafés in and around Preston, perhaps even another museum if I can. But it goes against the grain of only exhibiting new work, not work I feel has become stale as it’s been exhibited before. I’ll have to have a think about it, it could work in my favour or the work could just become wallpaper.

Maybe that’s what I’m scared my work will become, wallpaper. Work that doesn’t get noticed, it just hangs there unappreciated. I’ll have to see, on the flip side there is the fact that if it’s not looked at I can just remove it and hang it at home.