Books, Books, Books.

Yahtzee, the newest set of book arrived. It consists of an anthology of Minor White essays, Karl Blossfeldt’s complete still life work and The Darkroom Cookbook.20130710-174609.jpg

I know I have a few books I haven’t read yet but I’m pretty sure I’ll read these over the next few weeks, and read the rest after these. The main reason for the Blossfeldt book is to see the work of a master when ever I want. Travelling to the nearest archive is a day trek on the train, and even then you only get 2 hours to examine and read the prints, nowhere near as long as you want to spend.

The Minor White book is a bit of a research treat, he co-founded Aperture Magazine and the book is full of writings and essays from White himself and several other contributors.

The Darkroom Cookbook is an introduction to historical processes and a recipe book on custom developers and fix baths, useful for when I get my home darkroom setup.

It should be a good punt, could get more out of them than I originally anticipated. Either way they’re additions to my library which I never intend to thin out, compared to my camera collection which grows and depletes monthly.


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