Final V700 Scan.

After digging out some of my stuff from the darkroom at uni I found the Neopan and Tudor negs I did a rubbish job of scanning last time, and decided, before I am finally kicked out of the building for good, to log onto my account and fire up the V700 for the last time. This time I didn’t forget to up the resolution to 1600dpi, and the images aren’t tiny.20130710-135419.jpg

After using an iPad’s photograph file dimensions I have a few images for the blog that are the same size as the images I usually post, the screen grabs on the other posts are going too. I photographed the screen to keep everything the same. I hear you shouting the question: “Severe OCD?” The truth is I am mad on keeping the file sizes roughly the same, it looks better if the images line up right; it also staves the 3GB limit off being reached for at least a couple of years, being at 72MB currently.

Anyway, here are a few scans from the Tudor roll I shot at my barbeque back in May. I’m impressed really, I haven’t shot C41 in a few years so it’s a little refreshing to see colour for once.20130710-135428.jpg20130710-135437.jpg20130710-135440.jpg20130710-135444.jpg

It’s a shame I can’t shoot any more rolls of the Tudor, but I’d burn through both bricks if I shot another roll, and I did buy the Tudor for San Fran and Vegas.