Weather Complications.

It’s been a weird few weeks, at first I didn’t want to photograph anything because the weather was awful and I felt down, but now the weather’s great I don’t want to photograph anything because I know I won’t be able to concentrate fully on the process and the temptation to sunbathe will be too great.

But today there’s been a bit of a breeze so it’s warm enough to shoot and feel good but not quite hot enough to bring on a sweat under the dark cloth. So since the weather has been nice enough to be enjoyed comfortably I decided to get the Chamonix out for an hour or two and photograph some flowers from the neighbours house. Again I have no idea what these are called but they’re pretty and should look good in a low contrast print.20130711-170238.jpg

I used the same setup as last time, it’s easy and does the job so there’s no need to change or try to improve on it.20130711-170233.jpg

After a sheet I photographed another stem in a different composition and it looked good under the dark cloth, both sheets need normal development.20130711-170247.jpg

About half way through I noticed the breeze had dropped and the heat was rising, fortunately I had already erected the parasol and put all of my gear under it so I had a nice spot of shade to stay under until the breeze picked up again.20130711-170250.jpg

Before I packed up, because I didn’t think I would get another sheet exposed, the breeze picked up again, so I looked at the petal-less poppies I should have photographed before the terrible weather fronts swept over the region and thought I might as well get a sheet of two heads against the piece of roof tile before they burst.20130711-170254.jpgI’m not so keen on the poppy head photo, it just looks too simple, but the texture of the slate may be its redeeming feature. Only time will tell.