The setting most budding photographers will turn their nose up at, but I’ll have to get used to using it over the next few weeks in the lead up to my trip to the United States.20130712-150238.jpg

I’ll be going to Los Angeles, San Fransisco and Las Vegas. I’m only going to Vegas for three days since I’ve been before, but San Fran and Los Angeles get a little more time since I’ve never been before.

Whilst I’m there I’m going to have to shoot on auto because I won’t have enough time to take my L-208 out and get a proper meter reading before being forced by which ever tour company is guiding us round makes us move on, so it’s out of sheer necessity, not because I can’t meter a scene. Besides, the FR1’s meter is pretty accurate, even whilst facing into the sun.

I’m getting more and more excited each day about the trip, especially San Fran as I want to live there in the near future. There are loads of places I want to see, and if I get to see PhotoboothSF and even get a collodion plate I’d be made up.


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