Colonies Here I Come!

I’m off on my jollies for 2 weeks. Venturing into the Colonies to explore and have some fun.

I’m going to 3 cities in 2 states; LA, San Fran and Vegas and I’m only taking three camera with me. I’m taking the iPad (does it count as a camera?) The Olympus Go 100 and my Yashica FR1 with two bricks of film in my trusty camera bag.20130803-194040.jpg

I’m going to divide the two bricks to document the trip, hopefully I’ll be able to stick to the plan: 1 roll for the airport, to include the flight and arriving at LAX,
4 rolls for LA,
10 rolls for San Fran,
And 5 rolls for Vegas; possibly putting 1 in the Olympus in case I get pressured into a night out on the strip.

So for the next 2 weeks I’ll be “going dark.” Hopefully when I get back I’ll be able to scan the Caffenol negatives and hopefully have some scans of the negs from the Tudor rolls, at least the clichéd images.

The most exciting photography related item I can think of is the Collodion portrait I will hopefully have made in San Fran. I’ve never seen or held a wet plate negative before which in itself is exciting, and it’ll contribute to my mothers birthday present which I’ll keep under wraps for now.

So auf wiedersehen pet!