All Good Things Must Come To An End.

I’m back in England after an amazing trip to LA, San Fran and Vegas. I shot through 14 rolls of the 20 I took with me which isn’t as many as I thought I’d shoot, but at least I have some left over to play with later.20130817-214327.jpg

If it’s cheap enough I’ll probably have a lab do all the leg work with this batch and request 5×7 prints so I can see which ones I want to scan for the blog. If processing costs too much I’ll see if the college can let me spend a day using their JOBO and chemistry; no prints but it’s a sacrifice for cheap development.

I don’t know how I’ll share the images from the trip on the blog: either one by one or in three extended posts. Either way it’ll be a select few images, not the best. I’ll save the best for my own personal enjoyment

It’s been a cracking trip and I can’t wait to go back, especially San Francisco. I really do want to live and work there. Fingers crossed for the future.