First Night In Pitlochry.

Just a quick post about my quick bank holiday trip to the highlands of Scotland. I’m not really here to do any major photographing, just a quick trip to see family friends and hopefully go on a couple of bike rides and climb a small mountain.

I might have a pack of FP-3000b to reclaim when I get back but I’ll probably just grab quick shots of the prints whilst I’m here.20130823-222659.jpg

It should be a nice weekend, relatively action packed but laid back at the same time.

I always enjoy my time up here, it’s always a relaxed atmosphere and the people I get talking to are always accommodating, making everything more enjoyable and the time I spend here more precious: even thought it’s a 4 hour drive up.

It’s time like these after my trip to the U.S. that everything feels none stop, and I can’t help but love it.