A Day Climbing A Munro.

I climbed a Scottish mountain today with Chris and his friend Gordon. The mountain is called Ben Vane and it’s classified as a Munro.

Hugh Munro comprised the original list of 283 in the 1890’s, but one was scratched off the list as it wasn’t actually high enough. For a mountain to be categorised as a Munro it must be 3,000ft or higher.

We walked up a Munro because Gordon has challenged himself to climb all 282 spread across Scotland in what is called “Munro bagging.” So far he’s climbed 240 or so in 25 years, but he isn’t in a rush to climb them all anytime soon: “It’d be more like a chore to do them any quicker!”

Throughout the day I used the Polaroid to document the walk, and try to illustrate the angle at which we were walking.

After we walked past the peat marsh, and past the nearby hydro-electric power lines I stopped to get a frame of the behemoth we were about to walk up; even though the highest point in this shot is only 400m or so.20130825-225615.jpg

An hour went by and after a 200m climb we reached the top of the first false summit. So to try and boost my own morale I photographed the Munro next to the one we were climbing, if you were inclined to do two in a day, this one is the closest.20130825-225625.jpg

A little while later we reached the top of the second false summit, greeted by an impregnable wall of quartzite.20130825-225649.jpg

Once we climbed to the top of the third false summit we could see the true summit some 915m above sea level.20130825-225752.jpg

Once we summited Ben Vane we sat down, congratulated each other and eat some of our food. After ham and cheese sandwiches I looked around at the views that were on offer and grabbed a couple of snaps. This is looking South West.20130825-225703.jpg

Looking West.20130825-225721.jpg

Looking North East.20130825-225802.jpg

It’s been a brilliant day, my feet still hurt and my clothes are quite muddy but I can’t wait to try another. It might take me 25 years to bag them all but I’ll summit them and get some photos along the way.

Oh I forgot to say; this is Chris, on the left, and Gordon, on the right. All three of us summited Ben Vane for the first time.20130825-225806.jpg


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  1. I’ve never been a fan of B&W, except when it comes to Polaroid. Which camera did you use here? My favorite for B&W is the Big Swinger 3000. Amazing “focus.”

    I love these shots, especially the ones of the rockface. Great stuff.

    • I used the Auto 100 for these shots, I like the look too: quite romantic in a sense.

      I’m going to document my walks up future Munro’s with pack film for ease of use and weight. Only 281 mountains to go :).

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