I usually just blog about stuff I do on a daily basis, depending on whether it’s of any particular interest to me, but there’s a bit of pressure; mainly a self expectation, to post something that’ll please people in some way this time because this is blog post 100.

So in order to get over this self induced peer pressure I’m not actually going to write about anything, purely so I can go back to the way things were, which is writing about stuff I enjoy doing.

I was going to write about how the Zone System isn’t really all that complicated or how light through fog and storm clouds looks amazing but I need to remember that I write for me and in publishing this post I am accepting that 100 doesn’t need to be a landmark thing.

I’ll probably write about the Zone System in a few posts time but by then I hope it won’t seem like such a tall order to write about something I use on a daily basis.

So here’s to post 101, where I can be myself again.