Negative Organisation.

It doesn’t mean I live in chaos, I organised and relabelled my 5×4 negative file today.

My original filing system while interesting to look at was appalling to use: I don’t recommend using Roman Numerals to number your negatives, it’s impossible to find the right negative quickly.

As I was going through the file I discarded every negatives that is too thin for use and those that aren’t in focus. I could say they’re conceptual but that’s not my style and everyone who knows my work would say the same.20130902-181100.jpg

Whilst I was reorganising I decided to make another adjustment to the filing system, keep each file down to 100 individual negatives. It saves on weight when I’m carrying it to and from uni and if they’re kept to a certain number I can write the months and years the images were made in on the files spine label so in the future all I have to remember is the month and year and it should make finding the negative relatively easy.

I also cleaned the rollers in the Auto 100 so they’re ready for the second pack of FP-3000b from PhotoboothSF.20130902-182043.jpg

As the Scouting motto goes: “Always be prepared!”