Orange #516.

I tidied my camera cupboard yesterday and as I was rearranging stuff to make grabbing something easy I remembered that I have tonnes of miscellaneous stuff knocking about in old camera bags and buried under cameras in boxes so I went on a little scavenger hunt and I found the Polaroid filter Chris Fecio threw in when I bought the Auto 100 from him.20130906-141904.jpg

It’s an orange press fit filter that goes over the taking lens and the light meter to make the meter compensate for the loss of light entering the taking lens. I had a quick play this morning and thought I might as well put it on and see if the cover can be closed with the filter in place; it’s a tight fit so I’ll keep them separate when they’re not in use.20130906-141908.jpg

Unfortunately I’m not going to test it today, the weather’s pants because the sky is covered with a blanket of rain cloud so the filter won’t show correctly what it can do.

I wonder if I’ll have to tweak the exposure bias dial to lighten with the filter in place?