Typical of British weather there hasn’t been a full day without cloud or rain; the half day it was sunny I tidied the garden for winter; it’s safe to say I didn’t want to touch the Land Cam with grubby fingers afterwards.

So after I got back from my first day at uni I decided to point the Polaroid to the sky and do a comparison test, I want to see what the Orange #516 filter really does: I don’t want to speculate by comparing one frame to previous shots, I don’t think that’d give the right impression.

After the rain subsided I looked up to see the clouds were rather fluffy compared to the flat blanket we’ve been graced with. So I quickly photographed the sky from my back garden before the heavens opened up again; which they did 5 minutes later.

This is without the #516 filter:20130916-175554.jpg

And this is with the #516 filter attached:20130916-175558.jpg

And a side by side comparison for good measure:20130916-175602.jpg

After seeing the comparison I’m leaning away from the filter. I guess the contrast with the filter attached doesn’t look right, I love contrast but this isn’t doing anything for me. I can’t quite put my finger on why.


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