A Summers Work.

After a full month of having to wait to finish developing the images I shot over the summer holidays I got to develop the rest today. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to get any contact prints done so I’m just going to share one still life I quite like.20131002-153115.jpg(You’ll have to invert your screens colours if you want to see the image properly.)

There were three negative in total that were either too thin for my liking or were poorly composed, so I binned them. But before relegating them to the bin I scratched them to see how fragile emulsion is before it’s dry; safe to say it’s very fragile.

It might be another month before I can get some prints done, but at least during that time I can probably go out and shoot, maybe Yorkshire way again.

As some of the negatives came out thin in the shadows, when I next to out I could do to rectify my methodology of evaluating the darkest part of the scene for Zone III.

On a lighter note it was fun to get back in the darkroom on my own and zone out for a few hours, the introvert inside me was in heaven.