Tungsten Playground.

One of the many rewards of teaching, and knowing the technician, is getting the odd roll of film that’s been sitting in a warm room for too long. Take this roll of Fujifilm 64T I found loitering in the cupboard as an example.20131003-222209.jpgApparently it’s been in the film stock cupboard (budget cuts means no fridge) for a number of years and it expired in 2006. It should be interesting to try transparency film again, I haven’t used slide since a trip to Paris in 2010; we didn’t get along back then so I wonder what the future hold this time round.

Since it’s 3 years shy of being a decade past due I’m debating rating it at EI 25, but the more I think about it the more I lean towards EI 50. I’ll have to see what the conditions are when I use it. It’s not like the mini data sheet inside the box is of any use.20131003-222217.jpg

But I’m not going to shoot it until I’ve processed the 14 rolls of Tudor, I have so many blog posts drafted in my notes it’s getting to be a joke.