Caffenol Scans.

In July I developed a roll of Kodak T-Max 400 in Caffenol-C-H and I got to scan the resulting negatives today. I have 3 scans that are good enough to share.20131007-160908.jpg20131007-160934.jpg20131007-160954.jpgThese are straight scans, no post processing of any kind other than changing the image size and DPI.

A couple of days after I developed the roll of T-Max I processed a roll of Tri-X, but after I developed it I saw that it was the last roll I shot on the 500c/m before I sold it, and it was the worst roll I’ve ever shot; half of the roll was dense with one fully opaque frame and the rest of the roll was thin with one fully translucent frame, so I binned it.

If I ever get given a roll of T-Max 400 I’ll probably dev it in Caffenol-C-H again, I won’t go out of my way to buy a brick but if someone gives me a roll I’ll have a go at using Caffenol again.