A Different Kind Of Landscape Photograph.

Today’s been an interesting one, I’ve been enlarging leaves with second year photography students.

It came about with needing to include multiple ideas and have them all in one print. Landscape was one of the facets, but since none of the students had been out on location to photograph any landscapes the teacher said they could use anything from the landscape; including dirt and dead leaves.

I latched onto the leaf idea and intrigued to find out what the outcome of enlarging a leaf would look like I tried one myself.20131010-180257.jpgI didn’t go about the usual method of doing test strips as I normally would, I did one but it was far to underexposed. I guesstimated 12 seconds which seemed about right but I wanted it a little darker so I tried 15 seconds which seemed to do the trick.

I tried a full sheet of 5×7 and here is the result.20131010-180445.jpgI’m happy to admit that the students did a much better job than I did, one student made a diptych out of half a Sycamore tree seed, or Spinning Jenny to us Northern folk, which was really interesting.

I’ll have to see if they get any other interesting results by next week.