New Lab Success Story.

I shipped the 14 rolls of Tudor I shot on my trip to America to Photo Express on Monday with no prior knowledge of how the films would be handled or how they’d come out.

The developed negatives came back yesterday and I am pleased to say they look perfect. I had a quick look at the first roll using a window as a light table; not ideal but it was fit for purpose.20131017-190556.jpg

I took the negatives to college today to get a quick preview scan just to see if there are any colour shifts I couldn’t see by eye.20131217-234021.jpg20131017-190453.jpgThese are two straight scans and there are no colour shifts or any apparent flaws, other than the dust which I didn’t wipe away before I scanned them.

I am incredibly happy with the results and hopefully on Wednesday I can get all of the negatives scanned so my mum can get off my back about not seeing any of the images from the holiday.