Trip Planning.

As winter draws in more and more each day I have found myself thinking about and lightly researching places I want to go to photograph once I have finished my PGCE.

A couple of the places that I have been thinking about going to are Jersey and Guernsey, partly because they market themselves as ‘the warmest places in the British Isles.’ But also because they’re places full of texture; the beaches, cliff faces and the wild flowers that grace the rolling hills.

One other place I have found myself drawn to is somewhere I have already been, the Isle of Mann. I went in 2012 to watch the Tourist Trophy (TT) races with an old friend and whilst I was there I decided to explore the southern half of the island, mostly because I saw “The Chasms” on the map I took with me and I was intrigued. I photographed the southern coast cliffs on the Hasselblad 500c/m I sold a while ago and now I’d like to go back and shoot not just the south coast again but the beauty of the island that I haven’t seen yet with my Chamonix. A Liverpudlian taxi driver we hired called it ‘Gods Acres’ and I’d like to explore the island to see if that phrase meets my expectations.

One last place I have found myself thinking about is Finland, but I’m not entirely sure why. I need to do some more research and see if it’d be feasible to go there on my own, but I’m assuming I’d need someone to accompany me in case something takes a turn for the worse.

At this moment in time I am merely thinking about going to these places, it could well be that I can only visit these places next summer. But I can dream, and dream I shall.