Was Wednesday Productive?

My timetabled PGCE work days are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. I usually use Wednesday’s either catching up on work or getting a head start on the next piece of work we have to submit. But this past Wednesday I used the time to contact print the sheet film negatives I developed last month.

I spent the morning printing and it felt good, I missed it more that I thought. The only hiccup I noticed at the end of the session was the colour of the light from the enlarger heads dichroic filters, there wasn’t any colour to the light, it was just pure white light. The prints came out fine, still nice and contrasty but I’m not sure how I feel about not using contrast control when printing, it feels wrong.

These are the results. (They need a quick soak and proper dry but I’ll update the pictures soon.)20131109-114120.jpg20131109-114228.jpg

I might print them again with the contrast lever engaged but some of them look good so It could turn out to be an interesting comparison. I’ll leave that for when I’ve shot and developed some more sheets.


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