Manchester On A Monday.

My mate Izhan text me on Monday asking if I wanted to pop to Manchester for the day for a bit of last minute Christmas shopping and to get some Japanese food; of course I couldn’t say no to food. So I got one of the lengthy trains I mentioned in my last post and he met me at the train station with one of his friends and his older brother; and a friend of his brother’s.

We went to Wasabe first in Manchester’s China town district; the only China town twinned with the China town in San Fran, they have matching gates.20131225-185041.jpgUnfortunately whilst I was there in the summer I didn’t get the chance to photograph the gate in San Fran. So all the more reason to go back next year.

I’d never been to a sushi bar or had ramen before so that was an experience. I’m still rubbish with chopsticks.

The Polaroid Auto 100 isn’t keen on close focus so I had to photograph Dan whilst he was eating, which he wasn’t happy about, until he saw the shot.20131225-185058.jpg

After we eat we went shopping and shortly after it went too dark to shoot the last two peel-apart’s so we milled about and then I went home.

It was a good day, but I need an excuse to shoot the last 2 peel-apart’s now.


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  1. Was the first shot a double exposure? Or just a really gray/misty background? Either way, I really dig it. And I’m really really going to miss Fuji’s B&W. I took my last two shots today, making this the saddest Christmas ever.

    • It was raining quite a lot when I shot the first image, that’s how it came out. I like it too. Oh no, is there no chance of you buying any more online or is that it? I still have one shot left in this pack. Unsure of what to use it on.

      • You can still buy it, but it’s about $20 to $30 a pack. Most places are sold out. It’s such a bummer. Maybe Impossible Project will pick it up, but it’ll still be $20 a pack.

      • PhotoBoothSF sell FP-3000B for about $14 a pack, excluding tax and shipping though. I doubt IP will take it on, they struggle enough with the integral stuff.

      • I’m on their site now, it’s really awesome. The tintype idea is great! I only see the color film at $15 a pack. Don’t see the B&W at all. Maybe they took it down recently. Such a shame, I was really loving it.

      • I went in the summer, I have a post lined up to share the result. Aww what! They posted on their twitter that they have a crater pallet full of FP-3000B not long ago; unless it sold out as soon as they posted the image. :(. Could you use a Wratten filter, forgotten which one, to turn the scene B&W?

      • I looked into such a filter a while back, but couldn’t find anything that seemed to do the trick. Any suggestions?

      • I read in one of Ansel Adams’ book that there’s a filter you can use to aid visualisation of a scene in B&W, I’ll have a look and report back as soon as I find it. I know it’s a Wratten, but not sure which number.

      • Awesome, thanks! I’ve looked through the Wrattens, but I don’t really understand them beyond the basics. I’d love some sort of grayish desaturation filter, but I don’t think that exists. Maybe a Sepia would come close enough.

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