I Went To Prison.

I’d never been inside a prison before I went to Alcatraz, and never thought my first prison visit would be to one who played host to Al Capone and George “Machine-Gun” Kelly (to name two I remember) so that was a bit of an eye opener.

I shot two rolls whilst I was there but I’m assuming everyone’s seen the clichéd images that everyone takes whilst they visit the island so I’ll only share 2 images.20131229-212240.jpg20131229-212247.jpg

The place is steeped in history in more ways than one, I found the fact that the place was home to the wives and kids of the officers who worked there a bit more interesting than the escape attempts, but saying that, the escape attempt stories on the audio tours were brilliant to listen to.

It’s an incredible place but the whole island did wreak of pigeon guano.


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