We Have A Wet Plate In The Family.

On the evening of my fourth night in San Francisco I went to my wet plate appointment at PhotoBoothSF.

I was 20 minutes late for the appointment and they weren’t sure if I’d turn up, but being in a new city, not sure about bus times and having an inadequate sense of direction I eventually turned up ready for a portrait I was looking forward to for well over 4 months.

Once the photographer had prepared the plate and sat me down I positioned myself to save time and she exposed the plate. After I explained I shoot 5×4 the photographer let me see the plate get developed which was an experience in itself.

Here’s the result of the 10 minute shoot.20140115-141651.jpgI also grabbed a couple of quick snaps of the space/store after the shoot to help me remember one of the smallest but best utilised photographic studios I’ve seen thus far.20140115-141710.jpg20140115-141722.jpg