Camera-less Photography.

As the first year learners have been given a new brief; An Integrated Approach to Time-Based Problem Solving in Art and Design, their tutor has challenged them to produce a narrative using camera-less photographic methods.

Prior to the brief I hadn’t tried camera-less photography. Although I have read about it and it did intrigue me, but not enough to try it; I can’t afford to buy paper just to experiment with in that way.

So two weeks ago I went to the colleges darkroom and gave making a couple of images without a camera a try. The technician Neal helped me a little, so it was my first collaborative experience too. These are the results; using cheap Kentmere paper.20140118-143554.jpg20140118-143548.jpgWe tried the Sabatier Effect on the prints too, it didn’t work as well as it should have but it was fun to experiment.

Although these images are only of running water they do interpret the brief of time-based media, if only slightly, so it’s a starting point. I’m going to go into my next session on Tuesday without a solid plan so the entire 3 hour session will be nothing but experimentation. (A second year learner brought in 20 boxes of expired paper so we’ll have plenty to play with).

If the session goes well there could be visible examples of narrative to look at which is kind of exciting.


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