Happy Halloween.

Yesterday was a good day, after forgetting about 2 rolls of film I shot about 5 months ago, I finally developed them; said rolls of film being two rolls of Tudor I shot over the Halloween holidays last year. I waited till 15:30 for most of the learners to get ready to pack for home and asked the technician, Neil, if I could develop the rolls in the freshly mixed 3 bath he prepped in the morning (this blog post wouldn’t exist if he said no).

The film/camera combo of 200 speed film and the Olympus Go 100 are a match made in film heaven, but the proof is in the scans.20140226-231244.jpg20140226-231256.jpgOnly after I scanned both rolls did I notice that several images have bits of rebate within the images, not intentional but I do like the end result, they have a weird 80’s vibe about them. #NoFilter.20140226-231721.jpg20140226-231733.jpgOn a less nostalgic note, the way I load films onto developing tank spirals means I have to either cut or tear the film from the inner column of the cartridge so I can place the spiral into the tank, the only down side to forgetting to put scissors into your dark bag is that tearing the film out of the cartridge is the only way to detach the film, resulting in end negatives that have garish tears along the negatives (see bottom right). But I have to admit, I do like it.20140226-231741.jpgI actually think it’s nice to forget about rolls of film for a few months, you forget what’s on them and reminisce afterwards, remembering everything that happened at the time you were using the camera.