Playing Chemist.

Over the last 2 days I’ve been mixing up the raw chemicals I bought over the past couple of months to make Pyrocat-HD and TF-2 so I can test them on Monday or Wednesday.20140302-170215.jpgNot knowing whether I’ve done the mixing right, the only solution I can test at home without needing to shoot anything is to pour out some TF-2 and do a fix test with it, to see if it actually works.

The only downside to testing the fixer is having to sacrifice a roll of film to see if I mixed the chemicals correctly. I retrieved an unexposed roll of Delta 100 and a jug to pour the fix into.20140302-170156.jpgI put a small cut piece into the jug and swirled the fixer around in the jug. Unlike acid fixers, where you can see the emulsion dissolve into the fixer, the alkaline fixer didn’t look like it does anything; but it does work.20140302-170224.jpgI know the anti-halation backing of the film should be removed by they fixer too but that’s not the point of this test, I just wanted to know if I did the mixing correctly, which I have (Thank the film Gods).

I did another test and actually timed it, the minimum fix time is 15 minutes total. But the anti-halation dye is still present, I wonder if the dev will take care of that more than the fixer is able?

Now I need to mix up a working solution of the Pyrocat-HD and develop a sheet to see if the developer works before I delve into a full film speed/developer test. It’s nerve wracking to mix up your own chemicals and not be sure if you’ve done it right. I’ve never been this anxious before.