A Success Was Had.

I used my lunch hour to be a little more productive today, I took the time to develop the first sheet of Adox I shot on Tuesday in the Pyrocat-HD that I mixed last Saturday.

I had a few anxieties about using this developer, especially after I mixed it myself. Having said that, developing negatives with a developer and fix that you’ve mixed yourself, from scratch, brings another dimension to the images: they feel different to negatives developed with commercial developers. Although that could just be the fact that the Pyrocat tans the negatives and looks different to begin with. Either way I’m happy with the results.20140306-162849.jpgThe TF-2 fix I mixed cleared the anti-halation dyes which is another success.

I’m a little bit disappointed with this photo of the negative on the light box though, the actual light box’s light is the same golden hue as the negative, so the iPad corrected the colour temperature and made the negative look like a normal black and white negative; and since I didn’t want to process the image to make the tan seem more obvious it looks a little anticlimactic.20140306-162912.jpgI know it has a lovely golden hue to it so that’s all I’m interested in, and the fact that the developer works.

Now that I know the developer works, I can start doing EI tests and film development tests to get everything perfect, then I can start going out into the wild and use my potions more often.