Banality Bingo.

When I retrieved the Chamonix from the camera cupboard to shoot my first sheet of Adox I noticed the Yashica sitting there with the roll of Fuji 64T I was given a while ago. I decided to load it into the Yashica so I can have a little game of banality bingo in the future.20140308-101037.jpgSince the technical data on the inside of the rolls cardboard packaging says to rate the roll at EI32 for 5500K daylight shooting, I’ve decided to shoot the roll at EI16. I’ve opted to shoot at EI16 because the apparent adage for shooting expired film is to “under rate by 1 stop per decade”, and since the roll expired in 2006, one stop is as close to perfect as I can get.20140308-101043.jpgI think it’ll take quite a while to shoot, maybe a month or two, I’m curious to see how banal scenes are depicted in a different colour temperature on film. Although that’s counting on the sun coming out though, after two of the wettest months on record, it doesn’t seem likely I’ll be on the streets shooting any time soon.