Pending Testing.

Today, I spent the afternoon doing a Zone System film speed test. I used Les Meehan’s film speed/dev time test. But I won’t go into the finite details of the test, you can read the article through the link above for that.

I’ve tried to do this test for the last few days, but the weather hasn’t been my friend. So when the sky gave me the right kind of light I jumped at the chance to start the test.20140309-181243.jpgUnfortunately the sun started setting half way through the test, which made concluding the test impractical; 8 second long exposures isn’t ideal when using ambient light, especially when the light is fading fast.

Hopefully I can finish the test tomorrow afternoon after I finish uni and develop the sheets on Wednesday.

From looking at the first sheet I developed on Thursday I reckon I’ll have to conduct this test a few more times to get the perfect shooting EI and dev time. But once it’s all done, I doubt I’ll change film or developer for at least 3 years, or I hope not.