So Wednesday’s test was a bit of a waste, it would appear that something has gone awry with the chemicals; only 2 sheets developed (even then as they were Zone 1 exposures at EI 100 and 150 there wasn’t much to see) and the other 3 sheets came out completely clear.20140321-234838.jpgThere isn’t even a hint of base+fog, they’re completely clear.

I asked Kev the uni tech his opinion and he said the fix could be reducing the emulsion to nothing, which disheartened me a bit as I mixed it and that meant it was my fault for doing it wrong. So I went home and looked at the only book in my cupboard that I have no idea of it’s origins and it said completely clear film is the result of 1 of 2 issues, completely exhausted developer or fixing the film first; I’m not idiotic enough to fix the film first so I’m assuming the developer is exhausting a lot quicker than I was informed.

To test the theory of easily exhausted developer I am going to reload 2 double dark slides and expose 4 sheets over the weekend and develop the sheets on Monday, hopefully. I plan to process 1 sheet in total darkness, as the first sheet I developed in Pyrocat came out fine; as did the EI 100 sheet, then process another sheet in the dark but turn the light on after the 8 minutes to see if the latent image develops before I spend more time fixing a potentially duff sheet.

It sort of knocked my confidence a bit when I noticed the ZVIII sheet was completely clear, it should have been really dense, that’s when I cried for help.

I’ll just have to continue testing and find a workaround for the issue, but I really need to get some of this PGCE work done first.


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  1. Roll film is so much easier to diagnose. No edge print means it was fixed before development. 4×5 likes to hold that secret closer to its heart. Good luck with your troubleshooting. (:- D

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