I bought one of my dream 35mm cameras early last week and it arrived yesterday, the Contax T2.20140325-140943.jpgTo an extent I bought this camera for my 7 week trip to Asia in July, but it’ll be a good camera to stick in my bag for the occasional snapshot both before and after the trip.20140325-140953.jpgSince I’m not a regular colour shooter, and I’m not familiar with a lot of colour films and their perks I decided to buy 2 rolls of film, ask Neil for a roll and test one of the rolls of Tudor film I have left to see which film gives the most natural and vibrant hues. Since Asia is known for it’s vivid colours and beautiful scenery I want to do the images, and the memories, justice.20140325-140958.jpgSo I have until the end of June to shoot, develop and scan the resultant negatives to see which I prefer.

In order to get a small sense of objectivity to the testing I will use a cheap colour chart I bought a few years ago and shoot 1 frame on each roll with similar lighting conditions. That should be the best way to identify whether the colours are true to life, or better under straight scan settings.20140325-141010.jpgI bought a roll of Agfa APX too when I bought the other 2 rolls, but that’s just for some cheeky street photography stuff whilst I’m at uni. I want to get into the street photography mind set (if that’s what it’s called) before I go to Asia. I need to get used to watching people and the relationships they have with their environment and get used to the lens and it’s focus system. All should be good fun.20140325-141005.jpgWhilst I’ve been proofing this post I’ve already shot a few frames and I actually think this camera is better than described on the eBay listing. But I’ll have to wait until I develop the first roll to see if the internals work correctly.