Dev Test 2.0

As my last five sheets were a bust, I decided to expose four sheets at the same exposure settings (1/60th of a second at f/5.6) and develop them individually to see why the previous 3 sheets came out completely clear.20140402-180028.jpgI mixed up a fresh batch of dev and processed the first sheet, knowing full well that the first sheet would develop correctly, and after 17 minutes I turned the lights on and voila, a perfect sheet. The real test was the second sheet, I processed that and after 17 minutes I turned the lights on to compare the two sheets and there’s at least a stop of difference between the two sheets. Kev was right, the developer is exhausting after the first sheet.20140402-180020.jpgIt’s not the end of the world though, if a bit disappointing. I hoped for at least four sheets before I had to ditch the developer but I’ll just have to treat it like R09 and call my mixture Pyrocat-HDOS (High Definition One Shot). At least developing two sheets in Pyrocat takes about the same amount of time as developing two sheets of Delta 100 in ID-11.

At least I can get back to my initial film speed/dev test now, it’ll just take a little while longer to get my ideal EI and dev time.