Post #RoidWeek.

Although I’ve used instant film cameras for roughly 3 years, I’ve never actually used any of my instant film cameras during a Polaroid Week. I have no real reason why either, I guess I’m usually doing something university related or I just can’t find time or what I deem appropriate subject matter to use expensive materials on.

But today I shot the last frame of the 2 packs of FP-3000b I bought in San Francisco and shot my first 2 frames of FP-100c; and coincidentally photographed a Wolfgang Tillmans inspired still life whist playing with the new pack.20140526-205157-75117538.jpgI forgot how much I like shooting instant film, but it is so expensive.

Anyway, here is the last sheet of FP-3000b I might ever expose to light, since it’s been discontinued I’m assuming the price per pack has risen considerably.20140526-205154-75114324.jpgAnd this is the second shot of FP-100c I shot, if you’re familiar with Tillmans’ work you might see where I’m coming from.20140526-205152-75112695.jpgHopefully when the next #RoidWeek comes along it’ll be sunny and I’ll have a pack to shoot for it. Instant film has an aesthetic that cannot be emulated by any other format, silver based or otherwise.