Since I was quite close to the year(s) below me at uni I thought it appropriate to show my face and discuss some of the works on show at Blackburn Universities BA Hons photography degree show at Kraak in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

Before I even got to the event I struggled to find the venue, as the name suggests, it’s entrance door is literally inside a crack between two buildings.20140606-152746-55666199.jpgOnce I found the door and climbed the two flights of stairs I was greeted by a friendly atmosphere, people talking about their work and amazing images to look at (unfortunately you’ll have to wait till I develop the roll of APX I shot the exhibition on to see some of the work).

I was blown away by some of the works put on show, and saw promise in others had it been presented on a grander scale. But all in all I was very proud to see my peers put on such an amazing show to commemorated the culmination of three years of hard graft. It inspired me to get behind the camera and start shooting again.

It’s unfortunate that I wasn’t able to get any useable shots with the Auto 100, but there wasn’t enough light to warrant using 100 speed film, without flash (that I don’t have).

I did waste two frames at an ale bar though, just to show off the camera.20140606-153123-55883066.jpgI also tried re-developing the frames to see if they’d come up some more, but it didn’t work as well as I anticipated, and I got a nice purple stain on the edge of one of the photos. But it was a worthwhile experiment.20140606-153124-55884591.jpgBack to the show, it was great to see everyone again and I had a wonderful time. Next year will bring the last Blackburn BA show that I’ll have a friendship with, I wonder how it’ll compare?