£30 Well Spent.

In the run up to my trip to Asia in July I bought numerous colour emulsions to try out to see which gave the best result after scanning, but I decided to jump the gun and commit to buying 3 bricks of Agfa Vista Plus 200 from the local Poundland in town.

I should have waited to get the rolls of Ektar and Portra developed, but I decided it wouldn’t be financially feasible considering a brick of Ektar costs £60 including shipping and Portra goes for roughly the same. I saved more than a pretty penny buying 30 rolls for £1 each.20140615-224726-82046593.jpgI still need to get these rolls developed to make sure the camera functions correctly, if it doesn’t I’ve wasted money regardless.20140615-224725-82045011.jpgEvery time I talk about this trip to a friend I get more and more excited.


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    • No worries, I like your blog.

      Unfortunately no, Japan is not on the list of destinations. I’ll have to travel further east on my next voyage.

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