Not The Way Of The Bird.

Back on the 2nd of July I sent off the 5 test rolls to a lab to be developed, admittedly I should have done this before committing to buying the 30 rolls of Agfa Vista 200 to see, a: if the Contax worked and; b: to see if I could perceive any differences in the emulsions to see if I preferred one from another. Thank the film Gods the camera works and the films all yield similar results, I can’t tell one emulsion from another (without a scanner at 3200dpi).20140708-182121-66081629.jpgI used a new lab to process these films, they’re called Dodochrome and compared to the last lab I used they handle negatives much more delicately, no unsightly fingerprints seen so far which is nothing but a good sign.

It’s also nice to see that the camera works properly and that the little curtain at the film plane doesn’t affect negatives in any way. (Does anyone know what this is for? I can’t imagine it has a use.)20140708-182435-66275262.jpgUnfortunately I can’t scan the negs before I go, so I’m stuck with, as are you, terrible photos of negatives that hold no texture relative to the original negatives. I’ll hopefully be able to scan them properly upon my return, if I bother coming back.20140708-182122-66082653.jpgAll in all I’m really happy with Dodochrome, I’ll definitely be using them to process the rolls I shoot on my travels so they can expect a crying wallet in the next month or two.