Souvenirs 2.0

After a week of recuperating from one if the best trips of my life, I’ve taken the time to assess what exactly I’ve picked up along the way. I didn’t really take on board whilst I was there everything I did, and I still need to catch up with my written journal so I don’t forget the peaks and troughs of the adventure.

These photos catalogue the sights each country we visited had to offer, and some of the ephemera related to the sights, these include; visitor passes, maps, receipts for obscure items, information pamphlets etc.

1: Thailand.IMG_1224.JPG2: Malaysia.IMG_1225-1.JPG3: Singapore.IMG_1226.JPG4: Cambodia.IMG_1227.JPG5: Vietnam (Part A).IMG_1228.JPG6: Vietnam (Part B).IMG_1229.JPGAnd I can’t leave out the Nigel Thornberry hat I bought whilst driving to Ha Long Bay in my last week in Vietnam.IMG_1230.JPGThe trip has definitely become a mile stone in my short life so far, and you can bet a pretty penny that I’ll be somewhere next summer with a knockoff faux-pro and the T2 in hand having an amazing time with amazing people.