The Unpack.

So we’ve been in this new house a couple of weeks now; I’ve not had Internet at all whilst I’ve been here: I’ve resorted to tethering my phone for my computer and the iPad.

Whilst I’ve been unpacking I’ve been finding some photographs of mine from years ago, namely from trips abroad and second year FMP proof prints.

This was a proof print from my second year’s FMP (Final Major Project), and it’s a photo I haven’t looked at since. It’s actually quite interesting to see my Grandma now compared to when these photos were made, I might make a follow on series if I can get my hands on a Hasselblad again.IMG_0003-0.JPGThis is near Calf of Man? in the Isle of Man, I went to the TT races with a uni friend and whilst he was photographing the practice week I went off to do my own thing and documented a small portion of the island. Looking at this image and the rest of the roll I really want to go back with my Chamonix view camera and explore the island on a tiny 2-stroke bike.IMG_0002-0.JPGAnd last but not least is a portrait of a Masai chief after he showed us around the school that was built for them by an organisation he never named. He was obviously bored of the rigmarole of showing tourists around the unused school and couldn’t wait for the questions to end so he could ask for ‘donations’ for the village.IMG_0004-0.JPGTo clear up any possible curiosities, I’ve purposely taken blurry photos of these images in case some clever clogs decides to rob them and claim them as their own; it’s happened too much in the past and I like these photos so I’m being extra careful.