My New Neighbours.

Ever since I moved into this house I’ve noticed the property to the right of my room always has an interior light on throughout the night for reasons wholly unclear to me at this time.

As a result of my curiosity I’m going to set up my tripod, which from now on I will call a driebien; courtesy of an Austrian couple I met in Vietnam, and attach my T2 and shoot a frame a week (or night it depends) at around 23:00 before I go to bed.IMG_0017.JPGI’ll just have to see how the T2 deals with long exposures, it doesn’t have a cable release and I’ve never used the BULB mode on this camera before, I could end up blurring every image, which could in turn reflect my understanding of the reasons behind such an extravagant waste of electricity.

I’m not sure whether I’ll shoot colour or black and white for this project, but the more I think about it, the more a 400 speed black and white emulsion looks better in my head. Time for a bit of research.