Reviving The Old School.

I’m not sure how long I’ve had my Smith Corona ‘Calypso’ typewriter for, but I know I haven’t really been able to use it because the ribbon that occupied the unit when I bought it had dried out. So in order to save it from being sold on, or worse, binned, I purchased a new ribbon for the measly sum of £2IMG_0026.JPGThe only barrier to using the new ribbon instantly was the spool on which it was wound was just a bit too big for the typewriter. I re-spooled the ribbon onto the original spools so I could use the unit for fun things.IMG_0024.JPGNow I have a typewriter in perfect working order, bring on the hours of calling it every name under the sun because I did something wrong.

And this is how I will present my thoughts and annotations in my sketchbook from now on, it’s not original but it’s nicer than typed text from a computer and a lot nicer to look at than my chicken scratch handwriting.IMG_0023.JPG