My Last September Catchup.

After all the excitement of sharing my photos from my travels through South East Asia, and after a nice Christmas and New Years break I finally remembered to get around to sharing some of the images I shot whilst I was in Amsterdam for a week in mid-September.

During the trip I saw a majority of the sights in Amsterdam, the Anne Frank museum, the red light district, a drag queen block party and JH Engström’s private view at FOAM.

During the first half of the week I took a topless bus tour around the city and took a walk around East Amsterdam, whilst mindlessly meandering I saw a rope swing with pigeons congregating around it, I snook up and grabbed this shot.IMG_0052.JPGLater that evening, I think, I went to FOAM to see the opening night of JH Engström’s retrospective (well, at least I think it was a retrospective), whilst I was there I got a couple quick photos of some of the images on show; this is my favourite.IMG_0051.JPGIn the latter part of the week I enjoyed a Trappist brew whilst being thoroughly entertained by a drag queen block party.IMG_0049.JPGAnd finally, a shot of a random roof for reasons unbeknownst to me seemed to take my fancy. I think it reminds me of an Aleksander Rodchenko photo.IMG_0050.JPGNow all I need to do is develop the rolls from my trip to Mexico and hope some of the photos from my trip to Coba come out alright.