First Venture Into The Dev Office (of 2015).

Since I picked up my Pyrocat chems from uni last week I’ve been meaning to develop a roll of film. My initial idea was to develop a roll of Polaroid (C41) I picked up in Lanzarote 2 years ago, but when I realised I haven’t even exposed the roll yet that plan flew out the window. A cursory glance in my film bag did show that I had a roll of Agfa APX 100 that needed processing.2015/01/img_0058.jpgThe only thing that stopped me from developing the roll sooner was the fact that I didn’t have a measuring jug small enough to measure out 5ml (the amount of chems I need for Part A and Part B for 500ml of dev). A trip to town was in order.

After a small trip to the chemist I bought two 5ml syringes (for giving medicine to babies and toddlers) and used them to measure out the chems and gave the roll the 8 minutes of heaven it’s been waiting for.2015/01/img_00571.jpgConsidering the chems had settled and I wasn’t sure about the TF-2 I’d say it came out rather well. I’m quite pleased.2015/01/img_0055.jpgBut I’m not going to risk using the TF-2 again, I’ll root through my darkroom box to see if I can use the chemicals from the first batch to mix up a second and I’ll err on the side of caution with the remaining Pyrocat chems.