Camera FV-5

I’ll be he first to admit that I’m not a fan of digital photography, I don’t feel a connection to the images; something intangible isn’t considered real to me unless it’s printed and/or framed for exhibit.

But considering I don’t own a “proper” digital camera, (I only have the iPad and my Nexus 5) I could on occasion do with a tool that could give me files that can be enlarged to a scale that isn’t minuscule. When Android L was announced an app called Camera FV-5 was developed. The app looks like a lot of “it’s a pro camera app”, but this one churns out .DNG’s that I can play with on Lightroom and enlarge for print: if the need ever arises.

I have a couple processed .DNG’s for you to look at, I’m not complaining considering I’m rubbish with Lightroom and Photoshop.2015/01/img_0062.jpg2015/01/img_0059.jpg2015/01/img_0061.jpg2015/01/img_0060.jpg