Upcycled Blinds.

As we’re still settling into the new house, and trying to add our own stamp my mum bought some new roller blinds for my room as the ones I installed from the downstairs bedroom were considerably smaller than the window width, which meant I had light pouring in on the mornings we had sun and a big privacy issue.

Since I completed my teacher training course I’ve become quite savvy when it comes to creating photo props or reimagining items normally found around the house as photo props or accessories; as I can pass these on to future students and help them save money as they acquire their skills.

At first I was going throw the roller blinds away, there are two, and just install the new ones and let that be that, but I noticed that the blinds were wider than shoulder width so I thought about possibly using the blinds as makeshift portrait backdrops; quite tightly composed portraits, but portraits all the same.

I could also use one as a still life backdrop if I ever needed a grey backdrop.

So here is a quick mockup of how I’d use the blind to shoot a portrait, obviously the lighting is off and the photo is from an iPad but it gives a general gist of what I have in my head.Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetIt’s simple, essentially free (especially in my case), and something that could actually be used by anyone, even if they’re not replacing their blinds. I’ll definitely pass this onto my students; although I’m sure I’m not the first to think about this.