Lancashire Photography Open.

Over the past couple of months, myself, a friend (and in part a few of her friends) have been planning a photography exhibition for East Lancashire and beyond.

I’ve wanted to organise a group show for the past couple of years but never had the funding, but when Sophie reminded me about the 02 Think Big fund I thought it would soon become a reality. The only condition for the 02 funding is that the event has to incorporate the local community, so I changed the idea a bit from a group of recently graduated artists to the local community and received the funding.

We’ve designed the poster, organised for radio interviews and newspaper advert space, outsourced a printer for the images and even decided that we should adjudicate 3 winners and offer 7 honourable mentions to the entrants we collectively decide show elements of strong photography.

For now, we have a poster design (of which the background image is my own) and a fairly solid schedule in the run up to the opening night, which is on the 17th April, and the exhibition runs through to the 30th May 2015IMG_0068IMG_0069Unfortunately we can’t accept entrants from outside of Lancashire; purely because we don’t have enough money to print off 1000+ images.


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  1. Hiya Adam,
    I’m not sure if you have seen Pixel? We’ve been running for a couple of years on and off now and would like to feature this and some of your work. Could you please get in touch. Thanks, Lee

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