St. Anne’s Beach.

On the 8th my mum decided to take us to Lytham and St. Anne’s for the afternoon, I think she was bored and wanted fresh scenery.

After the drive over the weather turned and became horribly overcast. We drove through Lytham, walked to and past the Beach Huts on St. Anne’s Beach and I played an ancient Jurassic Park shooting game in the arcade on the pier; which was loads more fun than I expected.

During the walk I sporadically remembered that my phone shoots .DNG’s, and I decided to photograph the first scene to catch my eye; regardless of its aesthetic value. This was what caught my eye. Obviously with it being an unprocessed file it’s flat and a little mundane for general web sharing.IMG_0070But I had a play in Lightroom and this is the result; not bad for 30 minutes considering I’m not fully used to it yet.IMG_0071Don’t worry people, this isn’t he start of a gradual shift to digital photography, it’s purely experimenting with what my phone is capable of, and to be honest it’s probably capable of much more.