An Interview With The Bee.

Early this week I took a trip to the library to meet a financier of the exhibition to talk about presentation ideas and what we can do to spruce up the areas to be used. When we got there I was given two notes of paper from the library staff regarding people who were having issues submitting images for the exhibition: The first case involved the application form’s Word doc not opening properly which I sorted out over the phone when I got home. But the other I recognised as someone who had already emailed for an application form and had stated they were in the midst of filling it out, so I rang and we talked for a minute about the exhibition and the lady on the other end of the phone asked if I’d like to go to her radio station for an interview to talk about the exhibition; my obvious answer was yes, even though I had never been on the radio before.

To make things less awkward for myself and the conversation that was to be had, I asked my friend, and co-curator of the exhibition, if she’d be up to join me; she agreed and we organised to go on Wednesday (the 25th). The interview itself was as informal as it could get, there wasn’t a structure to it, we just talked about where the idea came from and how much work we had to do for the exhibition.

It was a fun but brief interview, lasted all but 20 minutes, but we had a nice time and the lady who interviewed us was lovely. I got a wee photo of the studio we occupied for the interview.IMG_0094Whilst we were there we were informed that the section would air on Saturday (the 28th) between 10:00 and 14:00, only a few hours before the submissions deadline closes, so hopefully it’ll get some people into gear and we’ll see some more photos come in.