Lancashire Photography Open Floor And Wall Preparation.

Today, myself and Sophie met at the library to organise the boards that will used to stick the prints to during the exhibition.

We started with deconstructing the boards in the back alcove to free up some of the boards and see how much space we have to play with.IMG_0097Deconstructing the boards revealed a fairly large space but the library wanted the shelves covered; another job for another day.IMG_0098After deconstructing the alcove boards we decided that a zigzag configuration would sit best as an I-beam configuration wouldn’t look quite right, plus it wouldn’t invite people to see what they might not be able to see from a particular blind spot.IMG_0099Once we finished assembling the alcove zigzag, we went upstairs to organise the space where we will have a slideshow of every submission rolling during the opening night and where people can sit down and discuss the works on the sofas that are already up there. Our original plan was to put boards around the circumference of the room, but as it’s not used often and it’ll only be open to the public when we have workshops running, having a lot of prints in this room doesn’t make sense. Our eventual decision came to an elongated ‘V’ in the corner opposite/facing the entrance which actually works out best as people can see a considerable number of prints even if the glass doors are locked.IMG_0100The third space for prints is atop the upstairs landing area, the I-beam from down stairs translated well upstairs as the walkway isn’t the widest but can be looked at from a good enough distance to see the images properly.IMG_0101Our last area is back downstairs near the information desk. The only difference with this space is that there is already a display showing “guerilla gardening” tips for locals. We moved the display forward (with the permission of the library manager) and erected another zigzag; this zigzag configuration isn’t completed as we need to transplant a fourth board from another display onto this zigzag to complete it, and move the display to remove all distractions from the images.IMG_0102I think we might be able to tear down 4 more boards from a display and create another zigzag to position near the first zigzag, but we’ll only know about that later on.

All we need to do now is cover the shelves with MDF, polyfilla the holes in the boards, sand the lumps down, paint the boards and hang the prints. Only 2 weeks to go so everything is a massive rush.