Further Prep.

Yesterday I installed a couple MDF sheets to cover the shelves where we’re putting the majority of the submissions; the boards we took down the other day etc.

It was a bit of a hassle getting the boards up, considering I gave the timber merchants incorrect measurements for the smallest section (and I was on my own). The rest of the boards butted up well against each other with only 4mm to spare on one side. Everything is level (my little bit of wood to stabilise the boards worked a treat). I only needed the help of two people for a few minutes each whilst I drilled and screwed in the boards.IMG_0103I made a vain effort to cover the seams/gaps with polyfill but I doubt it’ll do a good job, at least the rest is done. All it needs now is a lick of paint, or two, and it should be ready to exhibit the works.IMG_0104As I said in my last post, all that needs to be done is to polyfilla and paint.